Are you eligible for funded sessions?

I know it's not easy to afford counselling support.

To make it more accessible, I have become registered with a number of different funding sources. Check out the list below and see if you fit in with any of the eligibility criteria. Just get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Bereaved by Suicide - Te Aoake Te Ra

If you have experienced a suicide bereavement at any stage of your life, I am able to offer you between 4 and 8 free sessions through Te Aoake Te Ra.

Are you aged between 18-24?

I am able to fully fund 4 sessions for people aged between 18-24 through IAMHOPE​. A further two are occasionally available by application. 

(The IAMHOPE / Gumboot Friday fund is available for young people aged 5-24, but I am not trained to work with children - there are many other therapists available on their website who trained to work with younger clients) 

Work and Income New Zealand

if you are on a WINZ benefit, Work and Income will supplement the cost of 10 sessions at $66 per session. They will pay you direct. You can either top up to my session fee, or we can see each other for 5 fortnightly sessions. Please contact me for more details and I can provide you with a pre-filled form to take to your GP. 

Public Trust: People Negatively Impacted by a Cult or a Religious / Spiritual Community

This funding is for anybody who feels negatively affected in by their involvement in a cult or spiritual / religious community.  This extends to a person feeling negatively impacted by the involvement of someone close to them - for instance a partner / spouse, parent, child or other family member. 

If approved, this fund offered by the Public Trust offers people access to 24 sessions over a 12 month period. 

Victim Support

Victim Support provides a free, nationwide support service for people affected by crime, trauma, and suicide in New Zealand and I am an approved provider.  Victim Support assists people to find safety, healing, and justice after crime and other traumatic events which can include natural disasters.

Depending on what has happened to an individual, I can access between 15-30 free sessions.

Please get in touch and we can talk about next steps.