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What people say

When I was diagnosed with PTSD (what I now call PTSI!)  I knew I had to stop ignoring my unresolved trauma.


Hilary's warm personality instantly made me feel safe, cared for and understood. In our sessions it felt like I was talking to an old friend. Using EMDR, Hilary helped me to process memories I've tried to bury away. I was finally able to confront my fears once and for all. I'm now on the road to recovery and I'm forever grateful. Thank you!


In my role as a Wellbeing Facilitator at a MH Recovery agency, I worked with Hilary Jackson for 3.5 years, and referred a number of clients to her then (and continue to now she is in private practice). Having worked alongside her, I've been able to observe first-hand the truly wonderful way she works with people; her incredible warmth, humanity and very skilful insights and understandings into mental wellbeing and the human condition. 


Hilary provides a very safe place for clients to share and be. She is an extremely skillful listener and is able to get to the heart of issues very quickly.  She has also touched me very much on a personal level and has inspired me in the way she really embraces life and truly embodies the values she applies as a therapist.


Sharyn Lovelock

With the passing of two immediate family members due to mental health, I was struggling to keep afloat and seek support. A family member put me in touch with Hilary and I couldn’t be more grateful. Hilary is patient and supportive. I feel I can speak freely without being judged. She supported me to stand on my own two feet again.  I could not recommend her enough. Thank you again Hilary.

Olivia Thomas

When my 11 year old daughter Hannah passed away in 2018 quite a number of different people entered my life. One is a truly special person called Hilary Jackson who came along when I really needed her skills. 

Just before Hannah had died I had a bit of a mental breakdown with PTSD etc and had gone through lots of stuff. Part of that was a referral to an organisation called Walsh Trust to help support me with my mental health. I had only had two appointments with my suport worker when Hannah was killed. She put in a referral straight away to Hilary - who was the therapist at Walsh. I believe Hannah meant for Hilary to become part of my journey. Hilary would come visit me weekly in my own home and just let me guide the sessions. It meant that in that first deepest darkest part of the journey I was in my own home surrounded by my things which made me feel more comfortable to talk and share. She helped me with her knowledge, her reflection on what I was saying, literature, she gave suggestions on some amazing things to put in place to support me along this journey and I truly believe without her I would have struggled so much to find my feet in this grief.


See Hilary’s approach is different - she listened, she cared, she showed empathy and at no point did she ever suggest I would get over this or that time would heal everything. That’s not her style.  She would sometimes follow up sessions with a letter back to me summarising what talking about what we had discussed and reflecting things back to me that might help. So I have these to look back on when and if I need them.

She is an amazing woman as well as an amazing therapist. I couldn’t have done this without her. She will always be a part of my journey and my life. I think it’s brilliant she's running a private clinic of her own now too and would recommend Hilary very highly to anyone.


Thanks Hilary

Michelle Bruton

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