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Troubled by Stress, Hopelessness, Anxiety, Depression or Confusion?

Grieving the loss of someone or something?

Has Trauma burdened you with ongoing distress?

Do you wish to Create Change in any aspect of life or living?

Come talk.


Hilary Jackson


B.A. (Education)

Grad Dip Psychosocial Studies,

BHSc (Hons, first class) Psychology,

PGDip Counselling

EMDR Practitioner

​The landscapes of our lives can sometimes feel littered with challenge & difficulty.  I can walk with you as you traverse these places. 


I can bear witness to any painful and difficult stories you may need to tell. Counselling conversations can also be light, creative and fun. Often, most or all of these elements turn up at some point. Together we can look at how to create movement in the direction of a life you'd prefer to be living . My aim is always that our conversations will be useful and beneficial for you!

I can work with individuals (18+), couples, friends, and families.​ I'm told that I am warm and easy to talk to. I’m also practical and pragmatic and love sharing information and resources. 

I look forward to meeting with you,​


I Can Help With...

  • Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues, Addictions

  • PTSD / Trauma
    (I call this PTSI – with an “I” for injury rather than a “D” for disorder)


  • Promoting empowered relationships with mental health diagnoses 

  • Whatever may be troubling you

What is goodTherapy?

What is it that makes therapy ‘good’?  In my experience (on both sides of the counseling conversation) good therapy emerges within an environment of warmth, trust and safety.  Useful questions are extremely helpful.  Also, some skills and courage, on the part of both therapist and client.  A good co-created connection between us helps too. 

Good therapy can help us find the way ‘home’ again. But, what is home?


When we get there, we know.


‘Home’ can be as simple as a greater sense of ease, freedom, or power around something that’s difficult.  

Sometimes I think of ‘home’ as my very own True North.   

If you feel you’re needing support for change, goodTherapy can be a port in the storm to rest, to reflect. To gather skills, resources and energy so that you can move from where you are now, to a life that’s better.  Get in touch!

Spiritual Growth branch
Contact Me...


Tel: 022-044-1847


Titirangi Wellness Centre

511 South Titirangi Road


How did you hear about goodTherapy?

Thanks for contacting Hilary at goodTherapy. I'll come back to you soon. 

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