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HOW TO BE IMPERFECT: The goodTherapy Monthly Newsletter

Updated: 6 days ago

Hi There!

Each month I send out a collection of stuff I think is either useful, interesting or funny (or all three - thats the sweet spot) which is then emailed out to a list of current and past clients.

The title of the newsletter is really important. "How To Be Imperfect"

My fond hope is that each time it shows up in peoples inboxes, it helps them to think upon the many potential benefits of embracing Imperfection. For me, this has become a key component of my self-compassion practice and thus a vital part of creating a life of greater ease and contentment.

As a self-confessed information addict and also "keen information sharer" (to the point of being annoying at times), this newsletter is one way I can try and keep that under control.

Below you will find links to (most) past newsletters... (I'll add them in now and then)

Hilary @ goodTherapy


Past Newsletters

July 2024 - How to feel 20% better / "If you 'think' you're stressed you're wrong" / + more...

June 2024 - Therapy as a Religion / Affirmations for the Insecure / and "A Dogs Breakfast"

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