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Supervising Peer Support / LxP Workers




In 2017 I began working as a Narrative Therapist with a community-based Adult Mental Health recovery organisation.


It was here that I was exposed for the first time to peer support work, and the Intentional Peer Support model.

I worked alongside a number of talented people in the Peer Support field and learned a lot from them.

I also supported them in their work. 

Over time I have come to believe I am likely a "peer support counsellor",  and intuitively follow many of the values and practises of IPS because I have observed that it works.



















At the basis of most mental health distress we often see a disturbance in the fabric of connection and relationship. Following from there, it will make sense that genuine connection and relationship provides an important key in healing these wounds. That it will form an important part of the pathway to wellness and to living a fulfilling life. 


Therapy, counselling and community support are wonderful resources for people wishing to restore life to their living... yet sometimes this magical ingredient of mutual & genuine relational connecting can sometimes be absent.


IPS places it's focus on alternatives and possibilities that emerge when relationships become mutual, explorative, and are conscious of power.


IPS is about putting energy into co-creating mutual learning relationships and not just service relationships. It's about conversations where we can both look at how we've come to make sense of the world. It's about redefining mental health; seeing the distress people are in as a response to (or even a protest about) trauma & circumstances, not as something that is wrong with the person; a movement away from fear-based relationships and a refocus on HOPE and what is possible. 

The Wounded must find the Healer within,


The Healer must find the Wounded within


Do you work in a peer support or mental health support role?  Would you like to explore co-creating a supervision relationship with me?


I believe that I have value to bring to you, your life and the relationships and conversations you are co-creating with the people you are supporting.  

I have completed Supervision Skills for Health & Social Service Professionals with the NZ Coaching and Mentoring Centre. 

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