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Supervision - A Time to Reflect

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” 
~  John Dewey





















Supervision is a formal arrangement for people working in the helping professions to discuss their work - and their experience of themselves in their work - regularly with someone who is experienced in the same profession, and also qualified in supervision. 

Bring Your Not Knowings, Your Confusions, Your Questions

Supervision provides a place to go where you don't need to know the answers; it's a place to pause, and reflect. A place to work things out.

"You can't see a reflection in running water"...


Supervision pays respect to ourselves, to our work, and to the people we work with.  


It provides us with an oasis to stop for a time amongst the busyness of the work we do, and to look.  To notice. To pay attention. 

Bring Your Celebrations, Your Learning Edges and Share Your Burdens

Supervision is a place to be reassured and supported.   

Supervision is somewhere to bring and reflect upon the work, to unpack and unload the emotional loads that are inherent in Counselling, Peer / Community Mental Health support roles. 


It's a place for your work to be shared, reflected upon, and to receive helpful and constructive feedback. 

It is my aim to facilitate a useful conversation for you that we will ongoingly co-create!


In line with one of my favourite therapeutic modalities - Applied Humour - we will likely have a few laughs!

Be Encouraged


My aim is that you leave our conversation feeling more aware, more informed, more skilled and above all encouraged. 

I have supported Peer and Community Mental Health Support workers, as well as Counsellors-in-training. The reflective conversation is a field I love to be in.  

I have completed Supervision Skills for Health & Social Service Professionals with the NZ Coaching and Mentoring Centre.


Call me and let's see if what I can bring to your work will take you in useful directions.  I am happy to meet in person or work online.

Are you a peer support worker? Click here to read more about Peer Support Supervision.

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